Photo Post – Taronga Zoo & A Bit of Sydney

Out of all the cool stuff Syndey has to offer, Taronga Zoo was one of my personal highlights. In part because  it provides a ton of great photo opportunities, so there’s plenty to see in this post!

Taronga Zoo

This chimp was feeling the “permanent vacation” lifestyle.

Taronga Zoo

Chilling with some views.

Foxy camouflage.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Nothing unexpected from the Koalas.

Taronga Zoo

Tasmanian Devil.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Healthy snack – he doesn’t look too happy about it.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Seal show!

Taronga Zoo

Posing like a pro.

Taronga Zoo

Most of the “tricks” that the seals are being taught help their keepers examine their health, this is one of the few tricks they know that is only tangentially related to checking their vitals.

Taronga Zoo

Tanning time.

PJ Shark

Bonus: The view from the zoo (and the ferry) towards downtown Sydney is also pretty spectacular.

Taronga Zoo




A bit of Sydney

And because, we did more than just visit the zoo, here are some other shots from around Sydney. (If you want to see some of the photos that didn’t make my “best of” cut, check out our Sydney write up.)

Q Station: Used to be a quarantine island for ships coming into port with sick passengers. Today’s it’s a museum and resort.

Q Station beach


Hyde Park


Iceberg pools near Bondi beach

Bondi beach surf

The Dragon of Bondi Beach (Bondi beach in the background)

“Dirty” graffiti


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