Photo Post – New Zealand’s Magical Sights

After Australia's coasts and the outback, New Zealand's landscapes were quite the change of scenery. New Zealand packs a lot of variety and magic into its size, and I had a lot to photograph. Here are the shots that I think best do it justice, although of course it can't replace being there in person. …

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Auckland (& more)

Day 48: Ben nerds out Our last stop in New Zealand was Auckland, but first, a visit to Hobbiton along the way. For those of you who are not Lord of the Rings fans, Hobbiton was one of many filming locations for the LOTR and Hobbit movies. Now that the movies have been completed, they’ve …

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Why, hello there New Zealand!

After 3.5 weeks in Australia, it was time to visit its frenemy, New Zealand! Our path of travel was as follows: Queenstown, Wellington, Rotorua, and Auckland. [We picked this direction (South Island to North Island) because of future flights (all of which are best routed via Auckland).] Here are our adventures from Queenstown and Wellington! …

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Photo Post – Taronga Zoo & A Bit of Sydney

Out of all the cool stuff Syndey has to offer, Taronga Zoo was one of my personal highlights. In part because  it provides a ton of great photo opportunities, so there's plenty to see in this post! This chimp was feeling the "permanent vacation" lifestyle. Chilling with some views.

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42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!

We wrapped up our time in The Land Down Under in Sydney--home to so many of my favorite Finding Nemo references! Here's what we did: Day 34: Not all Airbnbs are created equal We flew from Melbourne to Sydney in the morning and managed to figure out public transport to our Airbnb pretty easily--already Sydney's …

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City girl back in a (not the) city

Finally, it was time to head to a proper city: Melbourne! Being the NY snob that I am, I still managed to find things to complain about 😂 Forgive me Aussies. Day 30: Chocolate on chocolate & the best risotto ever Before heading into the city, Ben and I decided to backtrack a few miles on …

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